called to repentance

On my walk to campus this morning, I ran into a friend from the mission. We both learned Portuguese four years ago; today, he took advantage of the opportunity to practice. I understood everything he said. But could I speak? Oh dear. I'm—how do you say in Portuguese?—a little rusty.

I spoke it soooo well in Brasil. I even learned what all the obscure words in the Brasilian National Anthem meant. But today, I felt sufficiently chastised. It makes me want to pull out all my Portuguese books and read them out loud. Might as well get on that right now. I have some reading up to do. Tchau!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad, sometimes I wonder if I understand English. My mom found your blog, I have no idea how--its good to see what you're up to though.

Megan said...

Nossa! Eu entendo o que vc ta dizendo!! E chato nao poder falar Portugues como na missao, ne? Temos que praticar mais!!