how to win: job interview edition

I just got a new job! A Quality Assurance internship at Nestle Stouffer's frozen food plant in Springville.

This time I went to the interview dressed up snazzy, not like R2D2. The guy who interviewed me said he lost my resume. With a blank slate like that I could have claimed that I was the CEO of Apple and had 40 years of experience in the field. But I decided to play it safe by not telling him anything. To kind of keep it mysterious.

Even when he said, "Tell me about yourself." I just shrugged my shoulders and said I had two more semesters left at school, and that I like food. Mysterious.

Then I turned the tables and asked my interviewer about himself. That took up the rest of the interview. As I left he told me, "Nestle definitely has a place for you." Sweet.

I didn't hear back from them for a few days, and started feeling depressed. I took a final test for Food Micro, did okay, and listened to
Mad World from Donnie Darko as I walked home in the cold evening.

The words "Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson? Look right through me, look right through me" made me really depressed. I started to doubt I would get the job. Without the job I would never be able save up the capital I needed to implement any of my business ideas. I would probably work at McDonald's for the rest of my life.

Then he called. Huspah!


Brian Spittler said...

you crack me up christopher. you really do.

kathy w. said...

Yay! I'm excited for you to try something new.

Just Some Dude said...

Ohhhmmygosh. So is that why there's a clipboard here on the SO desk asking for your shifts to be taken? I'm so glad for you. Even though we all have fun with people from work, this should be a brief stopping ground. I'm glad you have bigger, more important things to work on now.

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

you do win, christopher. huspah, indeed!