I went on a bloggie fast this week (easier said than done). And when I opened up google reader today, I found a little surprise—584 new posts waiting for me to read. Feels like a fitting end to a week of some other surprises:

  • I, um, really liked relief society enrichment this week. I have generally maintained my prejudice against it, due to a long line of awkward-bordering-on-catastrophic enrichment moments in a long line of awkward single adult wards. Thanks for converting me, Misti.
  • I survived the week. Monday looked a little daunting with a 350-page book to read, two workshop pieces to finish writing and submit, 20 student papers to read, 20 student conferences to hold, the introduction to my thesis still unrevised, etc., etc., etc. It's Friday. I'm still here.
  • A funny little feeling in my tummy. Yep. There's really a baby in there.


Nicholas James West said...

How do you find the time to read 584 posts?

k. double-u. said...

You don't.

Turns out, I think I need to unsubscribe myself from some blogs written by people I don't know.

Bryson and Tara said...

You felt your baby move?! So exciting! There's no way to describe it, but it's amazing. I'm tickled for you!

A. said...

There's really a baby in there! Yay! I just love knowing that.

Annie said...

i keep waiting for the are getting close to 20 weeks, right? feeling the baby move is the best...and the worst...because now you get to worry about it when you don't feel it!

Misti said...

You felt your baby! Hooray!

Glad I could convert you to Enrichment. I will count that as 1 soul...I'm on my way to eternal salvation! Ha ha