The Great Shift of 2014

So we haven't written on this blog in years, and we may never do it again. But we had some thoughts to share, we wanted to send out a New Year's card, and this is an easy way to do both. (We want to be Christmas card senders, but after this many years, let's face it—we're not). Enjoy.

At the start of 2014, the Wests were in a bit of a funk.

We planned to move to Ecuador—you know, get away from it all, away from Christopher’s ridiculous commute, away from Kathy’s schedule-juggling. The exchange rate’s lower in Ecuador and the weather’s great.

But before we booked flights, someone brilliant gave us insight:

You carry your story with you wherever you go. 

Go to Ecuador, sure, but not with a story of frustration and escape. Figure out what you’re trying to leave first, meet it, create the new story you want right here so the successful, happy story can follow you to another hemisphere.

So we did. We spent two summer weeks on serious introspection—and a dash of therapy.

And things opened up.

Christopher got a new job teaching science at an amazing classical education charter school. He reaches the end of most days tired, fulfilled, and smiling.

Kathy loves the new place we moved to, with a cozy spot to continue working remotely for the same company she has for several years.

Our little sweetie met friends at her new Montessori preschool. She responded to an important milestone in every child’s life with tears and grace (receiving her first threat to not be invited to someone else’s birthday party).

As we head into a brand new year, we invite you to examine the story you believe about your life.
And if you don’t like it, consider telling a new one.

Happy New Year.
The Wests

PS. Some of our 2014 highlights:
  • Christopher performed stand-up comedy at many venues—including intermission at a roller derby, where they cut his mic because the sound was bad and they mistakenly believed he was making fun of pregnant women. 
  • Kathy enjoyed doing some readings around Phoenix town and especially loved reading a true story about her Mormon mission at an event in LA that had the theme “Bondage.” 
  • Our girl took swim lessons and performed in her first dance recital and discovered that she cannot get her parents to do what she wants by saying that Jesus told her that we should.