5 things (we have a winner)

Sometimes, the only way to make disparate things go together is a numbered list.  Today's number is 5: 

1. Today's the 18th. But I really DID draw a name out of the internet's hat with that random number generator three days ago. The 5th commenter is Jenny! She's one smart lady with some adorable kids and a vegan diet. Jenny, I'll email you soon so we can figure out what you prefer to receive. 

2. I just found out that this was my husband's music collection when he was a kid: Genesis (Phil Collins' old band), a Weird Al tape, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Awesome.

3. I'm not a big fan of early-morning church, but I'm excited to go tomorrow because the 5-year-olds I teach are becoming more talkative with me. They say things like, "We're so hungry that we can't pay attention to your lesson anymore,"or, "You should have another baby soon. Then you can hold one and your husband can hold one. It would be so EASY!" I'll let you know if tomorrow yields any highlights. 

4. Someone we know is in the 13th percentile for weight, but 88th percentile for head circumference. Like an orange on a toothpick.

5. And here—just because she's so cute—is baby girl, acting like she's not paying attention to me taking yet another picture of her in yet another onesie that I've spiffed up with some fabric and a button.

we're sad to see the summer end

The geese who have a loud, wild layover party in the cornfield behind our house every morning are saying that summer's ending. I usually enjoy the change in season, but this year, I want to say no, no, no!

I've spent a decent part of the summer on the bicycle of my dreams. With my baby sweetie in tow, I've gone everywhere on it: to the park, to the library, to visit friends. This afternoon, I'll hook up the baby trailer again and we'll ride up the street to our farmer's house to pick up fresh vegetables. It's nearly as idyllic as it sounds.

This summer's been good, not just for biking, but for a bit of self-discovery and delight that baby girl giggles and wonders at the world: my growing wistfulness for summer is just a regular case of wishing a happy moment won't end. I have a feeling that things will just keep getting better as this cute kid grows. But knowing me, I'll still be out there pedaling long after the snow flies.

(Speaking of time passing: tomorrow's the last day to comment on my previous post for a chance to win a custom handmade gift.)

this calls for a celebration...

...but of what, I'm not entirely sure—our ability to talk about ourselves? This is our blog's 200th post. Big, round numbers seem to ask for recognition.

What have we done between posts 1 and 200? We've lived in 3 different apartments, finished 2 degrees (one apiece), had 1 baby, and succeeded in paying zero dollars for every TV we've owned.

These days, I'm in a making mood. I baked bread once a week in August. I've typed away on a novel. I've felted (coasters for a contest) and sewed (a baby-sized Halloween costume and some silk-tie onesies for a friend).

Here's where you come in, faithful readers (and lurkers, too):

Leave a comment on this post, wishing us a happy 200 (or saying whatever else you'd like) and I'll throw your name in the ring* for a handmade present from me. I can't promise that it will be big or amazing, but it WILL be 100% custom-made just for you. Thanks for reading. Celebrate away.

*(I'll draw a random name out of a hat—or something like unto it—on September 15th. Baby girl turns 6 months old that day. One more reason to celebrate.)