the perils of moving: in three parts


Even though our laptops picked up wireless internet in our new place, we shouldn't have used it—not even to tide us over until our bonafide, paid-in-full internet got set up.* We just might have been stealing it from our next-door neighbor, who is also our landlord. And the bandwidth we used for hulu just might have kicked him off the internet on his work computer. Oops.


You always lose something when you move, right? Since we expertly packed up our undie/sock drawers in a large, black, plastic garbage bag, we wondered for a week or so if the something-we-lost was our underwear, taken out with the trash.


Fortunately, our undiminished undie supply suggested that we did not throw them out after all; we might have just washed them, so they were super clean. What we DID lose was half our bed, since we failed to protect the box springs we put in storage from a cat who lived nearby and liked to mark his territory. **

We're not too worried, though. We've unpacked most of our boxes, arranged most of our books on shelves, put up some pictures, and we want you all to come visit us very soon.

* Folks, we're getting the internet shortly. Sorry if you've emailed or facebooked and your message has gone unanswered. How am I publishing this blog post, you ask? Um, it's a secret.

** If you know where to find queen-sized box springs for less than a hundred bucks, send info our way. It might sound fun to camp out on a mattress on the floor, but this third trimestered lady might disagree.

january's fault

I've had so much to blog about (graduating, moving, feeling the baby get hiccups for the first time), but so little to say.

I think it might be January's fault. Winter-after-Christmas is tough and ugly. Even this January, when I feel particularly pleased and optimistic about my life, I've noticed that so many people are going through rough times. I know people who are terribly lonely or sick or discouraged or heartbroken.

Knowing all those people, I feel silly saying Yay! Look! My new house is so pretty! And I got to spend the longest Christmas break with my perfect husband! And look what I've made to decorate the baby's nursery!

I get like this sometimesfeeling guilty for being happy amidst sorrow. I think it's counterproductive. Walking around with a mopey face doesn't make the sorrowful feel better. When I'm sad, the best thing my husband can do is hug me and crack a joke.

I wish I could hug the world. I wish I were funny.

Oh, my poor baby girl. If she's half as emotional as her mother, we might have to put her in time-out for melodrama.

A chance for Provoites to eat locally

Our farmers have expanded into the Provo area. They grow their crops in Draper and Sandy.

You can sign up by visiting the Bell Organics web site.

Here's Jill's announcement:

David and I were able to meet with the owner of Pizzeria Seven Twelve in Orem today for lunch and he has agreed to host a CSA pick up for the Utah County area.

We will be adding this location to our program on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm. Their address is 320 South State Street #185, Orem Utah.

If you are not familiar with this locally driven business you can visit their website at where their blog does a nice job of explaining their vision.

To join the CSA, you pay Jill and David up front, and then you get a new box of vegetables each week once the season begins — from June 14th to October 13th.
David in the garden
You'll eat more vegetables than you ever have, making yourself and your community healthier.

You can also order local eggs, cheese, fruit, and beef through their website.

They have additional pick-up locations in Draper, Salt Lake, Millcreek, and Park City.

ready for a new list

I don't think I've ever been as excited to make my list of New Year's goals as I am this year. I think my excitement has much to do with the fact that I wrote last year's goals in the front of my planner and then referred back to them nearly once a week during 2009, if I got bored in church. So my goals actually meant something all year long AND kept me entertained in sacrament meeting.

The weekly review kept me on track: here I am at the end of the year with a completed master's thesis, a large number of lit journal rejection slips, and a stack of family history papers completely updated.

Weekly review also helped me revise some goals along the way: in July, after we found out I was pregnant, I had to cross out "lose 25 pounds" and replace it with "have a baby."

In some cases, weekly goal review didn't help me much: turns out, I'm still an inconsistent blogger and a crappy visiting teacher. If you've got any tips on how to get better at either of these, I'm open for suggestions.

Until then, I'm off to finish making my list for 2010. By this time next year, you'll be surprised by how many push-ups I can do.