Perhaps they didn't have stuff to do?

I just spent a few hours updating some family history from as far back as the 1600's. All those names and numbers add up to people who are indirectly but incontrovertibly responsible for my present existence. I think I owe them one, especially since most all of them took on a task I don't think I'll ever be up for—having twelve kids.


Me and wife went camping with my family. We burned a campfire most of the day, and I thought of the amount of carbon I was putting into the air. I tried to offset that amount by throwing food on the ground, and burying my number two. Burning a campfire while camping is one of the greatest pleasures of camping. But if everyone were to burn wood like that in that area, the sky would be black and the earth desolate, much like Haiti.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island. The Haitian side is barren. They use wood for cooking. I have an idea for an invention that can save Haiti and change the world. Due to lack of resources, it won't be developed for a few years.
We sat around the campfire and chatted. My father said that he knew after one month after marrying my mom that it was the wrong decision. He said he thought that it was for eternity. It's one of those things that I want to know more about, and makes me wish that either of them had kept a journal.
We slept in a camper. My dad set the propane heater to a certain temperature, but my bag was in front of the temperature detector, so the heater kept heating the night away. I was burning up, so I went outside to sleep. I thought I saw a large, hungry animal, so I ran back inside, better to burn than be digested. Turns out it was just a dry old bush.
We forgot to bring a camera, but since we both feel fat, and fear that our feelings may show in print, it was better to forget.

Here it is, folks: my first official venture into blogdom.

by kathy

I didn't think I'd do this until I had kids and a nagging obligation to post their pics in a sort of digital pseudo-scrapbook. But my husband was nice enough to set up a blog for us without any nagging obligations.
So, here I go.

For anyone who hasn't seen us for a while, yes, we're still in school, and no, we don't know what we're going to do with our degrees. I want to write and Christopher has a million brilliant ideas he needs to send out into the world. Here's our basic 10-year plan: Be happy.