No Swine Flu for me

I felt really sick yesterday, but thought nothing of it, until I read my cousin's blog. He's a doctor, and he and his son got swine flu. I planned on babysitting my nephew visiting my grandma on Friday, and I didn't want to accidentally kill them.

My nephew and his pet lion

I'm averse to going to the doctor because I'm a man. Dave Barry said something to the effect that a man won't go to the doctor unless he has a gunshot wound, and then only at the persistent nagging of his wife. Then he'll go to the doctor, and the doctor will say, "You have a gunshot wound." And the man will say, "That's what I thought. I'll just put some more duct tape on it."

I called the health center to make an appointment, they told me to just come in. It was closing soon so I hurried in. The receptionist said that they're closed. I told them that I was going to babysit my nephew, and wanted to find out if I had swine flu. She smiled but just wanted me to go away. Instead of being assertive and saying, "So you'd rather have my nephew die from swine flu than be inconvenienced?" I just walked away.

Rant: If health care were a local issue, instead of a federal issue, if you knew your doctor, he wouldn't turn you away at the door. But the health care system has little incentive to care about you because the majority of their money comes from insurance companies.

I stopped by the health center for a swine flu test. The nurse stuck a half a foot of q-tip up my nose. I'd never had anything go up that far into my nostril. It brought tears to my eyes. She scrapped the back of my brain and brought the q-tip back out.

It came back negative. Hurray. I just have normal flu. I posted on my other blog about the origins of swine flu.

Kathy has taken really good care of me.


Crystal said...

He's cute, glad you're not WAY sick :)

Anne Marie said...

Christopher I'm glad that you don't have swine flu :D And Kathy I had such an awesome time at lunch :D :D

janel said...

I would rather quarantine myself with duct tape than get 1/2 a foot of q-tip shoved into my brain.

Nicholas James West said...

Send me that picture man. It's friggin' cute.