a change of scenery

We have news:
  • A new place. Boxes are still piled in our bedroom. We can't find floss, or our phone charger, or the can opener. And the path to the coat closet is an obstacle course of unpacked books. But we already love our new apartment. It's roomier and cheaper than our last place AND somebody else shoveled the walk and washed the outside of our windows yesterday.
  • A new blog. I started it a few weeks ago as an encouraging self reminder. Any of you creative (or not-so-creative) souls can visit it here.
  • A new season—and I don't mean just the crazy amounts of snow that showed up two weeks after the sunny picture above was taken. But also, it's a new season for our little eight-month-old. She's discovered forward movement and she's taken to scooting around like an inchworm: up on her hands and feet, butt in the air, and then straightening out and pushing off. This certainly changes the landscape of parenthood around here.


Cassandra and Daniel said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! I'm glad you guys are settling in well and enjoying the extra space. Lots of love xx

janel said...

And now we have a new FHE buddy (family), and a new tupperware (which we actually plan on returning to you sometime!)

Bryson and Tara said...

Glad you're enjoying the new place. Let me know if you need help unpacking and getting organized!