would you like one, too?

When I learned how to needle felt last year, I made a little Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus for Christmas. I set the nativity up on a shelf and made Christopher admire it with me over the span of several days.

I almost posted a picture of that first attempt here, but got kind of embarrassed, both about how it looked and how much it impressed me last year. I've learned a lot since then. Here's one of this year's nativities:

Remember this contest a while back? Jenny won. And this nativity is hers.

But you can have one, too, if you'd like. I've been told by enough people, "You should sell those," that I am.

I'm late in the game and you may have already done your decorating and planned your Christmas purchases. But just in case you're late, too, I want to say that you're welcome to order one. They're $40 and I need about 5 days' notice.*

And if you're all done with your Christmas shopping, I envy you. I also wish you a very Merry Christmas.

*If you know my real life email or phone number, you can contact me there to order. If you don't, you can still order by emailing me (here: kpetey [at] gmail [dot] com) to work out all the details.


luvmymunchkins said...

It's sooooo cute!!!! I feel so super lucky! Ignore my last email. Can I come to you and get it?

Misti said...

I love mine!!! And I love the one I ordered for my BFF! You are so talented.

I think I need one of the darling little ornaments. Can I order one of those? Or are you just doing the large ones? Let me know!


kathy w. said...

I love making the little ornaments. They're $4 (or a set of 3 for $10).

Thanks for asking!

Mike and Lauren said...

Oooo good! I was hoping you sold the ornaments as well. I am going to put together an order!

Bryson and Tara said...

Wow, Kath. Just when I think I can't be more impressed with you... You are so uber talented. You really are! I've already spent more than our alloted budget this year, but maybe next year...

Miss Ashley said...

Kathy those are adorable!