Stand up in SLC

Left Field Stand Up Comedy has some shows in SLC next weekend. It's my buddy Bryson's team of comics. I've heard some of them in the past, and they're worth your bucks if you like to laugh at stuff.

Among them is the guy who did the Old Spice spoof for BYU:

The show costs $15. See here for more.

Their website has a promo code for half off.


kathy w. said...
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Nick West said...

I'm surprised. That ad wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

kathy w. said...

Surprised because it came from Provo, Nick? You can say what you will about it——but I love that place.

Bryson D. Kearl said...

Thanks for the plug, Christopher. The promo code is "DVD" for half off, FYI.