a mom hangover

Baby girl and I got sick last week (simultaneously gross and wonderful: baby girl barfed everywhere and then just wanted to snuggle in my lap while I watched tv).

The stomach flu messed with our sleep schedule. Baby girl's back to waking up every two hours—just like a newborn. How on Earth did we function back then? I get up in the morning with a thrumming head and burning eyes. And everything that Christopher does while he's getting ready for work is SO LOUD. He says I have a mom hangover.

Which is fine. I so expected lack of sleep to be part of parenthood that I even wrote an essay about insomnia and mothers while I was pregnant (during which I discovered an incurable form of insomnia that's only made worse by sleeping pills, for real).

A lot of other things have happened around here—I had a birthday, we went snowshoeing for Valentine's Day, Christopher downloaded every free book he's ever wanted onto his new Kindle—and maybe I'll blog about them. But right now, I'll leave you with a picture of the cutest girl I've ever met and then I'm going to bed early. It's the best plan on a day you go to get your hair cut and fall asleep while your hair is being shampooed.


Genevieve Beck said...

I think during the newborn days I also fell asleep while getting my hair shampooed. Good to know we're not alone. I hope her sleep schedule gets back to normal very soon!

janel said...

She is, seriously, SOOOO cute. And I wished I could have held her instead of my own crankies at Stk Conf on Sunday.

Bryson and Tara said...

Darling picture! You know, I've found that it's so much harder to go backwards when it comes to sleeping. When you have a newborn, you expect to be sleep deprived all the time...but after they get in a schedule and THEN have a bad night, it's so much harder to be ok with it. I hope things get better soon!