we're all growing up: an update

I swear baby girl grew up during her nap today—like she was a baby when I tucked her in and two hours later, she was taller, older: a little girl.

I'm not nostalgic (she's not THAT grown up: she doesn't walk yet and hasn't yet mastered the physics of spoons). I'm just realizing that every day is a serious gift.

We're trying to take advantage of those gifts in our own ways. A quick update:

Our not-so-baby girl recently conquered an ear infection and her fear of strangers while expanding her sign language vocabulary and capacity for at-home destruction.

Her dad sold his Xbox and used his freed-up time to start two new blogs, study for the GRE, and take up Arabic classes again.

Her mom wrote drafts of two new stories, read six books this month, and had a tickle-fest this afternoon with a certain baby who grew up so much during her nap that she can now put on her own sunglasses, thank you very much.

We're excited she's growing. We just hope she doesn't grow up so fast that she's a teenager by tomorrow morning.


janel said...

Sounds like this Murray air is doing you all good?

Adrienne said...

It drives me crazy when they decide to grow up while napping. Good call on the tickle fest.

DID YOU GET YOUR PRESERVES!?! I may need to make you some new ones.

Bryson and Tara said...

Just wait until you come home from the hospital after having your second baby... I cannot believe what a big person Sophie turned into! And I'm honestly shocked every time I pick her up...she seems to have gained 10 pounds in the last week (or I'm still pretty weak after going through labor...who knows?!) Anyway, Claire is sure a cutie!

David/Dad/Doc said...

I am so glad that you are watching each growing time. It does go fast. It was just a few blinks of the eye ago that you were pushing Amy around in your new first birthday present!