Panerda's Box

I found myself whispering to my wife as we walked together on campus. I had to keep what I said secret, keep it safe. No one could hear, otherwise they would know WHAT A BIG NERD I AM.

The secret: Battlestar Galactica.
I reviewed the storyline with my wife so that we could start watching season 3 together. I got overexcited as I told her the plot, and got kind of emotional too. Then I realized what I was saying, so I lowered my voice. I imagined I might run into cool people who would think less of me if they heard. Imaginary wedgies tickled my crack.

My wife has been too busy with reality to join me in fantasy land. I'm already halfway through season 3.

Other reasons I'm a nerd:

  1. I've seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. And every episode of Angel, a spinoff of Buffy
  3. I enjoy comic books
  4. I pick my nose in secret
If I've left any out, let me know.


kathy said...

Why do you think I married you? I have a literal nerd box in our storage room that I never told anyone but you about——and now the whole internet.

Dan said...

i think everyone picks their nose in secret! and i also enjoyed buffy and the spinoff Angel.
Also i am indeed one of the biggest music nerds ever and Ali can definitely vouch for that!

Mike said...

Let's be completely honest... when you've got that big booger making you uncomfortable and fidgety... nobody is around... who doesn't enjoy a nice pick? I support you whole heartedly.

Mike said...

I would even add that the finger is almost always equal - and many times superior - to the tissue, in the nasal-waste removal division.

MeganandClaudy said...

your honesty is refreshing and hilarious! :)

wazzy said...

Nerd point 4. That's what the snot rag is for son. Do you need a new one? Dad