happy thanks, ya'll

My family has a series of Thanksgiving traditions, which include 120 orange rolls, and a screening of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. Nothing beats watching my dad try to edit the inappropriate parts (which includes the moments that talk about Santa not being real: for the kids).

But some of my most memorable Thanksgivings include those when tradition got tossed out the window--mostly because I was far away.

My Thanksgiving in Hawaii involved a room full of 30 or so Mongolians, eating turkey and laughing at jokes I couldn't understand, and then a drive back home along a beach.

My Thanksgiving in Brazil included an odd, stringy pumpkin pie which a member made FROM ACTUAL PUMPKIN. She probably bought the pumpkin, baked it, and did something magic to it. I say magic because I don't know how to make pumpkin pie from anything but a can.

And that's why I think that my brother's Thanksgiving this year will probably be pretty memorable. He emailed us this week from India to say that he's thankful for carpet. I'm thankful he's not going to be there forever.


Deja said...

I like the thought of a Hawaii Thanksgiving. I'll take one of those.

Didn't know the brother was in India. Why for? Are people serving missions there?

Rachel said...

i miss those hawaii thanksgivings...i miss alot of things about hawaii....i miss hawaii. Happy Thanksgiving!!

janel said...

Hawaii? You are much more cultured and well-traveled than I realized!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

my mom makes pumpkin pie out of real pumpkins. supposedly it's better, but i can't imagine myself ever bothering. she says it's easy, but i say the can is EASIER.