i think he's old now

I swear my brother's not old enough to be old now, but he is. He drives a car and goes to high school and is strong enough to take most of the people I know in an arm wrestle. He's pretty much a good guy. I don't have space here to list everything amazing about him, but here are three reasons I look up to him:

1. He'll drop mostly anything—especially homework—to help anyone in the family. The things he's willing to do include (but are not limited to) running errands, giving rides, working in the yard, moving heavy objects and watching Star Wars with anyone who needs an emergency movie fix.

2. He puts up with two older brothers who like to punch him and boss him around. His patience stretched longer than a decade, until he was strong enough to pin them (or sly enough to tickle them out of pinning him).

3. He's still never sought revenge for all the times we teased him about watching animé cartoons in junior high. We hope it stays that way.

Here's to you, Steve. Happy Birthday!


Anne Marie said...

I love that kid.
Ha ha, and those anime cartoons were so weird.

Becktacular said...

Love him. I still remember him being so little-- he such a great person! :)