Hyvää syntymäpäivää! (or why it's not fair to share your birthday with christmas)

This is Christopher:

He's the coolest guy—for a million reasons. Reason #64, 376? He's so chill about his birthday.

He kind of has to share it with Christmas. He wasn't born on the 25th, but he might as well have been because his birthday falls smack dab in between Christmas and New Year's, which generally leaves people all partied out.

This year, he's more than a quarter of a century old. For a quarter of a century, he hasn't griped that his birthday presents get wrapped in Christmas paper, or that the kids in elementary school never sang him happy birthday during class because school was out and they were all visiting their grandmas out of state. I totally would have.

And that's just one of the billion reasons why he's the best, why I'm so glad he was born—and why I wrapped his present in a happy birthday bag with a picture of a cake on the front.


Nicholas James West said...

He is a pretty cool guy.

Christopher said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sweet.

Tara said...

Amen! Happy Birthday Christopher!

David said...

Happy Birthday!!! We love you and are glad you were born when you were so you could met Kathy and be part of our family. Sorry we weren't there to share. (We were a bit occupied with getting Sharon's tonsils out today).


Anne Marie said...

Yay! Christopher, you're awesome!!