I mostly take pictures so that I can blog about them. It's silly, but it keeps my camera handy. This weekend, though, I didn't take a single picture. And that's how I know it was an absolutely perfect weekend. I got so absorbed in what went on that I forgot to pull out my camera. Here are the pictures I should have taken:

Here's a pic of me with a little crowd of interesting, thoughtful people, eating pomegranate seeds, and getting ready for Finnish sauna.

Here's one of Christopher and I at our friend's hilarious stand-up comedy show. We look like our cheeks hurt.

Here's one of my friend Kate and I shopping for handmade presents at the Beehive Bazaar. She has adorable baby clothes for her nephew in her hand. And I, of course, am holding nothing but presents for myself.

Here are pictures of two different Angel Tree-inspired Christmas parties that I managed to make it to on Saturday night. In the first, I look very charitable while wrapping Legos for a seven-year-old boy. In the second, I look like I just showed up for the food.

Here's one of Christopher and I wrapping Christmas presents. You'll notice that our wrapping styles differ just the tiniest bit.

Here's a photo of my Grandpa Bennion and Grandma Dorothy, telling Christopher and I their life stories for almost three hours. If you look close, you'll see a little tear in my Grandpa's eye.

And here's a picture of my amazing parents. They get their very own post very soon.

In all, it looks like a pretty fabulous weekend. At least the Christmas tree we decorated will stay put long enough for me to take a picture.


Deja said...

Beautiful weekend, beautiful post. Love this idea of describing pictures that don't exist.

Annie said...

i thought pictures were worth a thousand words. your words must be worth more than normal because i seriously feel like i saw each of your pictures. sounds like it was a wonderful weekend.

Mike and Lauren said...

Love it -- glad you had a great weekend!

Crystal said...

Steve always harasses me for not taking enough picture, but I'm usually just to busy enjoying the moment. I will refer him to your blog for a more eloquent explanation than I could ever give him :)

DAD said...

Next time you are at the house remind me to show you the quote from Leonardo DaVinci about which is more valuable, the artist or the poet. Basically, words vs. pictures. His feeling was that the artist was more important than the poet, but I am sure that there are a lot of writers out there that could sway you the other way. I think that both are of great value in their own way. This particular posting was just a fun variation. And... I am looking forward with great anticipation for our very own posting on your amazing parents whether it be pictures or words.

Love, DAD