if he won't buy you flowers...

Let me say this first: my husband does perfect, wonderful, kind things for me every day. He is pretty much the best. We just see flowers differently.

For me, the act of giving flowers is a thoughtful gesture that simultaneously beautifies. For him, the act of cutting a plant off its roots, sticking it in a glass container, and watching it slowly die seems useless. Even so, he bought me this beautiful arrangement a few weeks ago:

Not long after the purchase of this bouquet, he started a cool project which gives him a very good reason—even with his anti-blossom tendencies—to buy more flowers from now on.

He spent many hours drilling. Through wood.

And plastic.

To make this:

It's a composting bin. Go here to learn how to make one yourself.

After letting the paint dry and setting it up in the backyard, we put all sorts of scraps inside: weeds, dead leaves, strawberry tops.

And those lovely (and now, very useful) flowers that had just finished wilting.

Flowers: a beautiful gift, and a useful element of compost. The differing man/woman mindset regarding their utility? Solved.


Deja said...

Ah, brilliant. Been thinking about composting. But what would I put the compost on? Maybe I'll save all my scraps for you. That's the ticket: when I next see you I'll have a BIG, STINKY bag of partially-decomposed strawberry tops. Mmmmmm.

David/Dad/Doc said...

You two are so great for each other. It is a delight to watch.


janel said...

Very nice. Now can you please write about the mutual benefits of chocolate-giving?

Bryson and Tara said...

Impressive. I like you guys...and miss you..