Why'd the Chicken . . .

We had an Easter miracle on Saturday morning. I came home from the store to find a baby chick in our yard.
I ran inside to tell Kathy, and the chick ran after me. When Kathy came out it ran up to us and started chirping. We fed it soggy oatmeal and put it in a box to protect it from the cat that lives in our garage.
We asked our neighbor if she had chickens. She said she wished she did, and came over to see it. She named it Lucky, because it was lucky to find Kathy and I.

We called our farmer, Julie, at the Clifford family farm. She said her chickens had just had chicks and that lucky would fit right in with them.
She just sent this email:
just wanted to let you know lucky is doing fine. if you want to see lucky or look around, feel free. my phone is ___-____ if you call then I can show you lucky. he's in the outside brooder with the other "big boys" He's probably a leghorn and a little older than we thought -I'd say about 3 weeks. thanks- julie

Happy Easter. Make sure to watch this soon.


Crystal said...

A festivus miracle! The bird is lucky! You guys are the greatest!

Miss Magpie said...

No way! I chick just shows up on Easter? That is so awesome. The energy Gods must be with you.

David/Dad/Doc said...

how fun.

The pair of ducks that come to our pond each year have returned one more year again. So we both got Easter fun.

janel said...

I was just reading about one of Barbara Kingsolver's latest books and I thought of you guys. Especially this link on her website: http://www.animalvegetablemiracle.com/Steven%20Excerpt.html

janel said...

And, just for good measure, I'll leave two comments. : ) (That's one less than last time, right) Thanks for being great renters. You're a breath of fresh air after the dandelion pickers.