we did it for the photo op

We almost didn't go to graduation. Reasons?

  • We technically graduated 4 months ago, before Christmas break, when there were no graduation ceremonies.
  • Cap and gown rental fees seem like a racket after you've already paid your four years' tuition.
  • My husband often scoffs at pomp and authority (and so also, possibly, at "Pomp and Circumstance"). He initially didn't look forward to the fancy hats, color-coded tassles, and terrible parking.

But one of my favorite pictures of myself as a little girl was taken on my dad's graduation day. I wanted a picture like that for our baby girl. Possibly for tradition's sake. Or possibly to have proof to show her when she's a teenager (and thinks she knows everything) that she has smart parents. Caps and gowns make us look like we know something.

Which is probably why I didn't take some of the other, non-smarty-pants pictures that I should have that afternoon:
  • The mess I made when I didn't put the lid on the bottle correctly so all the milk we brought spilled in the diaper bag
  • The spot where I would have gotten lost (on a campus I've known for years) if other people hadn't insisted I was going the wrong way
  • Or the moment we had to break into the car because I'd locked the keys inside
I opted for the photo that makes us look smart, that we'll put in a baby book—which might be an unfair representation of everything we did that day, but reason enough to go to graduation.


annie said...

so lovely. i wish we'd found each other! it was a crazy couple of days. that little girl will have to love the picture of the two of you because you look gorgeous and brilliant.

eden said...

congrats to you both! the pictures are great. good enough reason to walk.

rob (my bro-in-law) didn't want to walk, but borrowed a cap and gown from a friend for a couple of hours just so my sister could get pictures. i thought that was a nice way around it. (:

Nicholas West said...

You guys look great!

Adrienne said...

I am so glad you went for the photo op. What a treasure. Congrats!

David/Dad/Doc said...

You will love these pictures as much as I love the one with you in it Kathy. And you are able to look so smart because you ARE so smart.

Danielle said...

You DO look smart and so cute! Your baby is beautiful.

janel said...

Good job, you guys! Those pictures are perfect!

Bryson and Tara said...

Congrats again! You look great in your smart attire and you made me laugh at all the "un-smart" things you did that day. I can so relate.