april is supposed to be the cruelest month

But this year, I think it may be July.

I know a bunch of people who've had it rough the last few weeks—emotionally, financially, et ceterally. I don't know how many of those people read this blog, but for the ones who do: know that we're thinking of and rooting for you. And if we could make an uh-oh face for you as cute as this girl's, we would.

A new month arrived just days ago. Here's hoping it's a lovely one.


Mike and Lauren said...

Ummm I think I might look at this picture a million times. I love it so much - and I'm actually so sad because I just realized how much she grew while we've been gone! More pictures please! You have the cutest baby girl ever. And here's to hoping August is the loveliest of the months so far. Love you!

Emily Horrocks said...

That is REALLY cute!!

I have a feeling she will be like, 3 before she gets any hair.

That's how it goes with us blondies!!

candice darling said...

this picture just made my day. july was a rough one. and i for one am glad its over. as you said, here's hoping august is lovely and brings some much needed change for all.
loves to your cute family.