little help?

We need to move. We thought we would stay put for a few years. But every year, we seem to contract amnesia about how much we hate packing up all our books. This time, we're looking for somewhere cheaper and closer to Christopher's work—we're gonna get these student loans paid off.

But finding an apartment is harder than I thought, especially since we're trying to do it on the cheap. Yesterday, I went to look at a promising option—tiled bathroom, lovely neighborhood. But I didn't feel good the baby being on the floor there. And it had this awkward-looking fireplace. One of the stones just below the mantel was cut in the shape of a wolf, howling at the moon.

I know you get what you pay for and this apartment was seriously cheap. But I just feel like I shouldn't live in a place where somebody thought a howling-coyote fireplace was a good idea.

So do any of you Utahn readers know of a good place to rent?

We're looking for a 1-bedroom (or 2) apartment or basement with a washer/dryer (or at least access to one), as well as a place to store our two bikes. Somewhere north of Draper and south of Salt Lake. Maybe Murray?

I love our place now and I'm dreading the process of gathering all our things and leaving. Kind of nice to know that this little girl will be happy wherever we end up.


      Damaris said...

      Hi. sorry it took me a wile to respond to the comment you left on my blog about my son Enzo speaking Portuguese.

      Go for it with your little one. I think being bilingual is a great gift and your daughter will appreciate it for sure.

      ps. i hate moving. It's totally for the birds.

      Bryson and Tara said...

      Love that picture of you two! Sorry-I don't know of anything helpful right now...but please let me know once you start packing and moving. I'd love to help...even if I can just take Claire for a couple hours so you can get things done.