we love our farmer. you should too.

When I went to our veggie pickup today, I passed on basil and peppers, since we've already had so many all summer. So Jill asked me if I wanted broccoli instead. I said yes, she left for a second, walked back to the garden, and cut some for me. It's not even my favorite vegetable, but I'm excited to cook up the freshest broccoli I've ever eaten.

Our CSA is another casualty of summer's end. We only have one more pickup. I'm excited enough for it to start again that we've already ordered our farm share for next year.

If you do the same before October 15th, you can get next year's veggies for 20% off. I highly recommend it: getting all those veggies cut our food budget in half this summer (which is weird, right? I didn't think we ate that many vegetables), we tried things we never would have bought on our own, and when we weren't sure how to prepare something, we just checked the Bells' blog for a recipe using that week's pickings.

Click here for an explanation of the discount. Click here to place an order. And click here to see a picture of one of the Bells' adorable kids who entertained my baby while I waited for my broccoli.


luvmymunchkins said...

That's a great system. I love getting new vegetables to try out. Great job on eating them! You could always look into bountifulbaskets.org to sustain you through the winter. They have pickups at Lehi and South Mountain. But like your farmer, they are popular and sell out quickly.

meg said...

CSAs are such great programs, I think. I have to admit we've yet to try one out, but we love going to the farmers market and this great local produce stand to get treats (yes, i like spinning fresh fruits and vegetables as "treats." haha.)