why i heart provo: an update

People generally have strong feelings about Provo.

I've never seen anyone shrug and say, "Provo. Meh. Whatevs." Unless, of course, it's too small a town for them to have heard of before.

There are people who grew up here with some pretty amazing Provo pride. Others moved here for college and have opinions connected to their grades or how many dates they got. Others have never lived here, but know the stereotypes and roll their eyes. And more—some love, some hate.

I can see where they're all coming from. I hated Provo the first time I lived here. And I was a little nervous to move back.

But put me down as one who loves Provo. Loves it.

  • Our house? Old, kind of quirky—and absolutely made for us. We store our bikes in a cute entryway. The baby's room is the coziest, prettiest little space. And she sleeps better here than any of the 3 places we've lived since she was born.
  • Neighborhood? Just seems so neighborly and adorable. And we live close to everything, but on a quiet street. So I can go anywhere with my bike and the baby trailer without getting nervous. Also, the first time I went riding, I actually thought, "Wow! The trees are greener here!" Then I realized I was wearing sunglasses that make trees look greener.
  • Food? Awesome. We cruised over to Bombay House with just a stroller and our feet a few weeks back. When we finally go to Communal, we'll just walk down the street. And have you ever eaten honey bran muffins from the Provo Bakery? Well, don't. Because they're always sold out by the time I get over there.
  • Job? Awesome. I mean, Christopher works in a chocolate factory. Also, I got a writing gig that I do from home that I absolutely love. Our commutes rock.
  • Not being students? Provo's a different place now that we don't have homework hanging over our heads. It's easy to find fun stuff to do—on the cheap. One particular outing included welcoming the first non-stop commercial flight from Denver landing at the Provo Airport, with all its accompanying small-town fanfare. 
  • People? I saved the best for last. I've heard all about Provo being a hot spot for self-righteousness and poor driving. But some of the loveliest people live here. I would tell you all their names, but you don't have time to read a blog post quite that long.
Say what you will. And then come visit us.
I love this town.


annie (the annilygreen one) said...

amen!!!! (and don't judge me for leaving comments on blogs when i should be in sunday school.....some sundays i just can't get this pregnant body to sit at church!)

provo is even better now that you guys are back.

Adrienne said...

So happy that you love where you live. Have you eaten at Spark? I hear they just changed their menu but it was really fun when we ate there. The Chocolate? It is in Orem but close and amazing.

Jennifer Rose said...

This makes me miss Provo even more than I already do....Glad you love it too!

Bryson and Tara said...

I've definitely had a love/hate relationship with P-town, but I think it's telling that every time I go back there, I feel all sentimental and I really miss it. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new home. :)

Genevieve Beck said...

I'm a Provo (Utah county in general) fan. This entry made me miss it too. You sound so happy with life right now and that's great!

Ali said...

I'm so happy you guys are so happy. I can only imagine that Provo is a different place when there's no school involved. And hooray for the writing gig! So proud of you guys.

Mike and Lauren said...

This just made me miss Provo so much!!! I can definitely say that Provo is one of the best places I've lived, and we have lived in a lot of places the last five years of our lives!
There really is so much to do, the food options are amazing, and we were blessed with the best of neighbors there too! Miss being so close to you guys :( LOVE YOU!!!

The Turleys said...

I'm so glad that you've found your spot in Provo. I feel exactly the same way about Sandy. It is the place we were meant to be for many reasons. I miss having intelligent and sometimes firery conversations with Christopher and seeing cute pictures of Claire. Also, I don't know if Christopher ever told you that I LOVE your writing style. It truly speaks to me. Keep it up.

Misti said...

Yay! Welcome back. We should get together and ride bikes soon!

Nick West said...

I'm glad you guys are happy. However, I'm still digging Sugarhouse.