The Future Is Now

Kathy said I needed to blog more, in response to something I said after seeing Claire do this:
She's been walking a lot, and pushing her little cart around.  I said, "She's preparing for her future career of pushing a shopping cart along the side of the road."

Speaking of future careers, I've been working at a chocolate factory.  Whenever I tell people I work at a chocolate factory, I can't help but say it "CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!" with several exclamation points.

Then they ask me how I like it, and what I do.  I explain it's a small company, so I do a little bit of everything.  Shipping, QA, janitorial, customer service, marketing, and production all in one.

But how do I like it?

It's work.  I'd rather EAT chocolate, while sitting on my couch, reading a book, and snuggling with my girls.

It's a great job. I like it, but I like being home with my family most.

A plug for my company:
Amano is awesome.  We pay our farmers two, three, even four times Fair Trade.  That way, we get the best beans, and our farmers are able to stay in business and keep producing the best beans.
We have won awards nationally and internationally.  We make the best chocolate the U.S. has ever made.
Our bars taste like lemons, blackberries, nuts, marshmallows, grapefruit, and bergamot; but we add no flavors.  The cocoa beans flavor our bars.  We preserve those flavors by using single-origin beans. 


Adrienne said...

Wait wait wait. You work for Amano? That is the coolest thing ever. And your daughter is adorable.

Kikal said...

Maybe just one time when someone talks to you about your factory you could say in a really creepy voice, "Nobody ever comes in, nobody ever comes out." Please make chocolate covered cinnamon bears at your factory...and mail them to my house.

Ali said...

Claire walks?! Amazing. She really is adorable. And even though you'd rather be home eating chocolate instead of working with chocolate, I still think it's so awesome.