Throw your yard away

I always think about this, but didn't know that other people do too:

"Tree roots draw minerals from deep in the soil in order to grow leaves and branches. If you throw away leaves instead of recycling them, you are literally making your soil poorer and poorer every year." From
Organic Gardening's Cheryl Long, as quoted in Great Garden Formulas.
I thought that mowing your lawn and throwing away the clippings was the ultimate in waste. We cover our yards with these things that are able to convert solar energy better than any technology we've come up with yet, and we just throw that solar energy away. What a dumb thing to do.

I think I'm going to get a goat.

Thanks R&M B. for lending me this book.


Ali said...

If you do, you should get a Nubian goat. Those goats are so freaking cute. (except for when they chew off your horse's tail.. not as loveable then.)

Christopher said...

Sure thing. Hey, I didn't know I was related to a goat expert.

Can you milk a Nubian goat? Is goat milk kosher?