God smote me today

Last night our car broke down on the Provo exit. We called our amazing neighbor who came and towed our car home with his truck.

When we got home our neighbor found out that I had to get to work by 8 am. He helped me fix my bike so that I could ride it in the next day. He fixed the brakes, the tires, and the handlebars, then he greased the chain and wiped it down. I kept on expecting him to say "That will be $29.99," but he apparently works for saint points.

The next morning
I woke up an hour and a half late because my alarm didn't go off (or didn't wake me). I dressed and hopped on the bike, and tucked my pant leg into my sock so it wouldn't get stuck in the bike chain.

it didn't take me quite an hour and a half to get here

I got to work and didn't notice, until I had walked down two hallways, that my pant leg was still tucked into my sock and my fly was down.

So it's been an amazing day.

On the bright side, we found out that our neighbors are still awesome. And I got to ride my bike to work - which I've planned on doing for a while - to get into shape, save on gas, help the environment, and prevent foreign wars.


AixelA said...


Oh by the way, I am coming up to see you and the rest of the fam tonight through tues morning.

If you would like the enjoyment of my company, please pay the exact amount of $710 to my account. This amount will pay for exactly 3 hours of fun time but I shall add 36 more hours at no extra charge to you after shipping.

Your dearest and closest most loving sister Alexia

janel said...

I wish *I* were your most wonderful neighbors. I guess I'll have to live with just being related to those great people. And I'll have to live with the fact that we have the greatest renters ever. Fly problems or not.

David/Dad/Doc said...

I'm sure you made someone else's day. Plus the fact that you are posting this on your blog proves that you are very self confident and secure in your own self esteem!


Heather said...

That IS the worst day EVER! The good news is that you discovered your fly was down at the beginning of the day....and not the end! PS I have a car again and please call so I can give you a ride!!! I mean it!

Christopher said...

Thanks for all the support. Friends make the worst days ever bearable, and even enjoyable.

Nicholas James West said...

Hey, I had the worst day ever too.

Serendipity or coincidence?

AixelA said...


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Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

that was soo funny