A chance for Provoites to eat locally

Our farmers have expanded into the Provo area. They grow their crops in Draper and Sandy.

You can sign up by visiting the Bell Organics web site.

Here's Jill's announcement:

David and I were able to meet with the owner of Pizzeria Seven Twelve in Orem today for lunch and he has agreed to host a CSA pick up for the Utah County area.

We will be adding this location to our program on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm. Their address is 320 South State Street #185, Orem Utah.

If you are not familiar with this locally driven business you can visit their website at www.pizzeria712.com where their blog does a nice job of explaining their vision.

To join the CSA, you pay Jill and David up front, and then you get a new box of vegetables each week once the season begins — from June 14th to October 13th.
David in the garden
You'll eat more vegetables than you ever have, making yourself and your community healthier.

You can also order local eggs, cheese, fruit, and beef through their website.

They have additional pick-up locations in Draper, Salt Lake, Millcreek, and Park City.


Bryson D. Kearl said...

We'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info.

eden said...

how does the vegetable thing work exactly? i looked at their website a bit and never saw it completely spelled out.

you pay, they grow, you pick up? do you know exactly what you're picking up when? just curious. and intrigued.

EP said...

Thank you for this tip! I was just wondering where I could get local beef. And Kathy, let's get together soon!

janel said...

Good for them for getting their co-op going online!

C-|-W said...

Eden — After you pay them and join the CSA, you go to one of their pick up places at a certain time every week (the times and places are at the bottom of their website).

The box of vegetables you get every week is a random assortment of whatever is ripe. You do have some choices, between kale and arugula, for example. But every week is different, because things ripen at different times. So it will give you a variety that most are not used to.

Did that answer all of your questions?

eden said...

yes. i think so. thank you very much. (:

annie said...

i'm so sad that we won't be here!

ashmae said...

yay! thanks for posting this! how exciting! also, I will give you a call today.