january's fault

I've had so much to blog about (graduating, moving, feeling the baby get hiccups for the first time), but so little to say.

I think it might be January's fault. Winter-after-Christmas is tough and ugly. Even this January, when I feel particularly pleased and optimistic about my life, I've noticed that so many people are going through rough times. I know people who are terribly lonely or sick or discouraged or heartbroken.

Knowing all those people, I feel silly saying Yay! Look! My new house is so pretty! And I got to spend the longest Christmas break with my perfect husband! And look what I've made to decorate the baby's nursery!

I get like this sometimesfeeling guilty for being happy amidst sorrow. I think it's counterproductive. Walking around with a mopey face doesn't make the sorrowful feel better. When I'm sad, the best thing my husband can do is hug me and crack a joke.

I wish I could hug the world. I wish I were funny.

Oh, my poor baby girl. If she's half as emotional as her mother, we might have to put her in time-out for melodrama.


EP said...

I really want to see you soon.

Nicholas James West said...

You should just name your kid melodrama. That'd be hilarious!

Becca said...

Time-outs for melodrama! I love it. You would definitely pass any writing class I could think of. :) Hope you keep feeling great.

Jana said...

Everyone else is happy for you too, so you have company in your guilty happiness! I don't think I knew you have a girl! I'm so excited and happy for you. You two will be the cutest parents! Love you.

Bryson and Tara said...

That reminds me of the awesome quote by Nelson Mandela: "...And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

How are you liking your new place, by the way?

Excited to see you on Saturday!

Adrienne said...

I understand your dilema Kathy because my life has been really good lately and sometimes it seems like admitting this is either asking for trials or bragging. I think, however, that it is more important to recognize when everything is going well and be thankful for it so that when times are tough you have something sweet to remember. That is a bit rambly, but there you go.