the perils of moving: in three parts


Even though our laptops picked up wireless internet in our new place, we shouldn't have used it—not even to tide us over until our bonafide, paid-in-full internet got set up.* We just might have been stealing it from our next-door neighbor, who is also our landlord. And the bandwidth we used for hulu just might have kicked him off the internet on his work computer. Oops.


You always lose something when you move, right? Since we expertly packed up our undie/sock drawers in a large, black, plastic garbage bag, we wondered for a week or so if the something-we-lost was our underwear, taken out with the trash.


Fortunately, our undiminished undie supply suggested that we did not throw them out after all; we might have just washed them, so they were super clean. What we DID lose was half our bed, since we failed to protect the box springs we put in storage from a cat who lived nearby and liked to mark his territory. **

We're not too worried, though. We've unpacked most of our boxes, arranged most of our books on shelves, put up some pictures, and we want you all to come visit us very soon.

* Folks, we're getting the internet shortly. Sorry if you've emailed or facebooked and your message has gone unanswered. How am I publishing this blog post, you ask? Um, it's a secret.

** If you know where to find queen-sized box springs for less than a hundred bucks, send info our way. It might sound fun to camp out on a mattress on the floor, but this third trimestered lady might disagree.


janel said...

Ha ha ha! This is a sign that you shouldn't have moved! : )
We're excited to see your place.

Janci said...

Did you try DI? They sell brand new mattresses etc for cheap. We bought our super nice mattress there for like $300. I don't know exactly what the prices on the box springs are, but I bet they're the cheapest around.

annie said...

i'm going to be in draper all next week watching my siblings while my parents globe-trot. can we please hang out???

andi said...

Do guys have a Dump store there? (Kind of annoying commercials?) Sometimes they have cheap ones. Or Big Lots if you have that either. (Hey, it's been a while since I've been in Utah :)

faith said...

Sounds adventurous! Good luck with the box spring!

Bryson and Tara said...

I'm so sorry! And, for the record, I don't think it's fun to camp out on a matress on the floor even when you're not I feel for you! I'll let you know if I hear anything about box springs.

BTW, your place really is so cute.

打扮 said...
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