Greener grass

I no longer have a job that allows me to blog. I've missed you guys.

But graduation has its perks. I'm glad I went to BYU, and I miss everyone that I met there, but I'm so happy with our new situation.

I learned my name in Arabic today. It's گرستوفر (Christopher) وييست (West). Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen? It looks a lot like my actual signature (next time someone makes fun of your sloppy handwriting, tell them it's Arabic).

An Iraqi refugee named Refat is teaching me Arabic. Anyone is invited to come. We meet on Saturdays at 10am. I pay him a little for his time, because he has a wife and daughter to take care of, and because he's a refugee from freaking Iraq. Give me a call if you're interested.

I've also helped an organic farmer start his seeds this week, and I'll be helping brother Rasmussen with his corn crop when the weather gets a little warmer. So I'm on my way to becoming a farmer.

Dirt brownies
Along those lines, my landlord and neighbor Gregg says I'm a real cowboy now. I had just finished filing my taxes (arrgh) when I looked out the window and saw a cow in the neighbor's yard. This is not very unusual in Draper. Our other neighbor has horses. But this neighbor owns dogs, not cows. I recognized the cow as that of my landlord, and I ran outside and called my landlord up on the phone.

"It looks like the grass is greener on the otherside," I said to his voicemail, "because your cow has escaped."
The fugitives
Gregg had not answered, so I was on my own. I chased the cow around for a while, and opened up the gate to steer him inside. But after I opened the gate, the other cow also escaped.

I chased them around our yard for about ten minutes. They did not want to go back to their already-chewed and trampled grass, they wanted the fresh green mouthfuls our yard had to offer.

They ran away from me like naughty little kids. They really are full of personality. I finally shooed them inside, and that's how I became a real cowboy.

We still have no idea how the first one got out.

If you're not sure what you're going to do when you graduate, or with your life in general, I welcome you to Draper, where you can chase cows, learn Arabic, and play in the dirt.


David/Dad/Doc said...

I love this. This is sooo
Christopher. I am so glad Kathy found you. You two are such a great match.

Nicholas James West said...

I'm so proud to have a super-cool brother.

You remind me that I actually enjoy this place called Earth.

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

It sounds like the plan is coming along, farmer! congrats! glad to hear life is going well

Raylynk said...

This is really funny, sounds like you are loving the new place:)

Ali and Brian said...

Oh, Christopher, you are hysterical. I'm super impressed you are learning Arabic, and I can't wait to hear it when we get home in April. Love you guys!

faith said...

Mmmm. Dirt brownies.
I like your cow story.

SLC-PHX said...

Ye Ha! and Giddy up. Sounds like a fine way to spend an afternoon.

Stephen said...

12 years ago we has cows next door. I kind of miss watching cows and horses out my front window. I glad things are going well for you and Kathy.