i went home nearly speechless

I cry when I read the news—and not just when I'm pregnant.

I read stories of horrible things people do to one another and I grieve and worry for them. Sometimes, I even let myself get a little pessimistic. I think: the world has always been this way and will continue to be this way until we blow each other up.


Then the people around me snap me out of it and give me a weekend like last Saturday. People like good friends who made a long drive to see me. People like my in-laws' extended family, several of whom I've done a horrible job of staying in touch with. People like the loveliest women in a ward I moved out of two months ago.

They came together to celebrate a baby girl they've never met, to help me prepare for the arrival of a complete stranger—a little person who didn't even exist on this earth until 8 months ago. They brought her truly generous gifts and wished me well in a way that made me think I might actually be able to do this whole motherhood gig.

This world is filled with good and thoughtful people. Welcoming a baby into this crazy world feels hopeful because of the ones I know.


Nicholas James West said...


eden said...

i feel the same way sometimes.

no fun.

then i see the good in humanity.



i had a dream a couple of nights ago that someone emailed me that you were in labor in the hospital. there were some odd things surrounding the notification but i can't remember them.

maybe i shouldn't tell you that in my sleep, you've not been pregnant for almost a week now.


Misti said...

It was so good to see you. I am excited for your journey of motherhood. You will be amazing.

I just love and I mean LOVE the nativity. I smile when I see it. It's so beautiful I am keeping it up all year round. Thanks again-so much.

Jana said...

You're so cute Kathy. You made me smile too. I'm glad friends are celebrating this exciting time with you. You are going to be the cutest mommy!

Mike and Lauren said...

We're on the same wavelength...minus being pregnant and having a baby shower. But yesterday when I was driving home, I got in the car and the radio was already on and talking about a really horrible news story. I started to cry and said a prayer.

As I was praying, I realized as I heard Jack babbling in the background, that as horrible as the world can be - there is still so much good. Like babies. Like Jack. Like Claire. Like good friends and good strangers. And the best thing we can do is to focus more on the good and continue being (and raising) more good ones for the world to focus on.

Love you

faith said...

And isn't it an amazing responsibility to have as mothers to teach our kids good things and to be good servants of the Lord and live our lives as we should? I don't know if that made sense, but we can't know the good without the bad. And we get to teach the good!

Bryson and Tara said...

Indeed-there are so many reasons to be hopeful. Thank Heaven.