i'm glad my dreams don't often come true

The night before we flew to Texas for my brother's wedding, I had a dream that I went into labor on the plane. We circled above the Houston airport, but the pilot refused to land because my brother had decided to change venues to hold the wedding on the airport runway. We couldn't land the plane because we would interrupt.

Fortunately, my dream and the reality of the trip didn't match up. I think my brain was just trying to make sense of the way our family is changing. I now have a beautiful sister-in-law who's fabulous for my brother. And in 6 weeks or so, we'll meet a beautiful baby girl who will be fabulous for us. Nothing's better than getting new family members you adore—even better if they don't join your family on an airport runway.


eden said...

although, it'd definitely be more exciting if they did join on an airport runway.

funny dream.

funny you.

i'm glad you didn't go into labor on the plane.

Anna and Stephen said...

I love pregnancy dreams. A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was just eating spoonfuls and spoonfuls of brown sugar. It was glorious.

Glad to hear all was well on the plane. My brother is getting married shortly before I am due as well, and we're debating going out or not, and so this post made me feel a bit better. Love you!

faith said...

That's great about Daniel! And don't you love dreams? :)

Mike and Lauren said...

Oh I am so glad that did not happen. That would have made the plane ride so much more interesting - and that plane was so tiny I'm not sure how it would have worked out. We would have moved you to the cockpit...haha why am I having this dialogue with myself?
Anyway, Texas was so much fun! Minus those few hours haha. I am looking over the pictures again and again, and I love them. I need to get a picasa account to share mine with you. Love you!