speaking of firsts

Last week, I got my first haircut (a trim) since the baby came. I feel like I should be a grown-up now that I'm a mom, but I found out that I still stink at salon small talk.

In an attempt to make conversation, I often end up asking stylists how long they've been cutting hair--not a question you can repeat at every visit. So, I've had my hair cut at lots of different places.

I really liked this last stylist, though; she cut my hair EXACTLY the way I wanted it done. But she had zero to say, even when I asked her about her kid and her summer plans. I left with questions: Am I not hip enough? Could she smell my conversational fear? And should I have her cut my hair again? Or just go back to cutting my own bangs and shaking my fist at the mirror when I cut them uneven and too short?


Adrienne said...

I hate when that happens. If you love the cut than don't hesitate going back, just give up the idea that you have to be the one to make conversation. If she doesn't want to talk, don't feel responsible. This feeling of obligation can be overcome!

K8 said...

My favorite hair stylist was a shy girl who let us both sit there in silence as she snipped. She had scissor tattoos on her feet and gauges in her ears, but she knew what I wanted, and never did either of us feel like saying anything about our lives to each other.