to do

A few things on my list for the summer:

  • finally finish reading Moby Dick
  • take pictures of baby girl in the grass while picnicking in the park
  • come up with a title for the novel I'm writing
  • sew a baby-sized dress
  • eat watermelon on the back porch while the sun sets


Adrienne said...

Great list.

meg said...

the list person in me is rushing me off to make a list like this of my own. sounds like a perfect summer.

Nicholas West said...

You should call it the "Salt Lake Earthquake Club."

candice darling said...

-let candice come over to meet baby girl before she's much bigger

...i know you guys probably do family stuff on sundays...but i work mon-sat. think we could work something out???
much love, c

Bryson and Tara said...

good luck on the list, Kath! I'm sure the dress you sew will be adorable!