i like the number 3

My good friend asked me to answer these questions about myself.

3 Fears:

  • That robots will take over the world (This actually used to frighten me. In elementary school, I read a book called "You in the 21st Century." Robots did everything: they cooked the food, cleaned the house, did the laundry. Doesn't sound half bad. But it terrified me. I worried that robots would take over the field of writing fiction, and I wanted to write ever since I could hold a pen. I'm sure my mom had to bite her cheeks to keep a straight face to tell me that robots probably wouldn't be awarded any Pulitzers.)
  • That I'll be a bother.
  • That I'll look back and regret wasted time.
3 Joys:
  • An apparent lack of food-cooking, house-cleaning, laundry-doing robots. While they would be nice, the threat of an uprising always persists.
  • Books: I think we may have bought over 50 books last month. Of course, it helps when they're a dollar or less at the library sale. If only bookshelves cost that much.
  • Mr. Christopher.
3 Goals:
  • Be prepared for a robot uprising.
  • Play Rhapsody in Blue in its entirety.
  • Graduate with an MFA.
3 Current Obsessions:
  • You'd guess robots, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.
  • Words in the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Short stories.
3 Random/Surprising Facts: I don't know if this means facts about the world in general, or about myself. I'll assume the latter:
  • I'm not actually anti-robot. I imagine robots could prove quite useful.
  • I played in a steel drum band for one semester. I was no good.
  • I recently rediscovered that I really like sewing. I just bought this book and hope I'll have time to crack it open once I graduate.
I guess that's it. Since no robots have taken my job yet, I'm going to go grade some papers and write me a story.


Deja said...

Is the BYU program an MFA now? Bravo for them. I know they were trying, and I wrote a little blurb in support. So cool.

I like that movie iRobot. There are scary uprising robots, but Will Smith saves the day, and I love it when strong handsome men save the day.

eden said...

i love the recurring robot theme. it's great.

we should sew together sometime. i don't know how to, but i have a sewing machine. ( :

Anjuli said...


To assuage your fear about a robot uprising, may I recommend this book?

"How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion" by Daniel H. Wilson.