i'm back

Here are my fingers in Chicago:

The rest of me was there, too, for a few days. The writing conference was fabulous, the weather chilly, the architecture gorgeous and the food SO GOOD.

While I would gladly go on 100 more such trips, I was just as glad to come home. Poor Christopher—I made him stick around here by himself for a few days. While he waited for me to come back, he made this for me for Valentine's Day:

No, it's not modern art of the blank canvas variety. It's a Plinko game.

For some reason, the Price is Right fascinated me as a little girl. I seriously wanted to grow up faster so I could be a contestant. Whenever I visited my grandmother, she let me play with her round coasters—perfect plinko chip size. I slid them down all sorts of inclines.

Now, I have the real deal—none of this pretend stuff at grandma's house. I just drop a ping pong ball down this peg board, hear it bounce around against the pegs, and watch it come out the bottom. I won a hundred bucks just this morning. I wonder what will happen the next time I go out of town.


janel said...

I like the fingers in Chicago! Now I'm really convinced you were there. I hope you had a great time--and poor husband at home.

A. said...

No way. A real plinko? Can we have a game night? Soon? Can't wait to hear all about your trips and see all your pictures! Glad you're home.

Anna and Stephen said...


I was pondering over how you like Plinko, and I have come up with the perfect game you need to play. It's called "Peggle." It's a computer game you can grab online (kind of like you would Bejeweled) or it was recently released as a very inexpensive video game. I'm not one for computer/video games, but I LOVE this game. I would call it a mix of Plinko, Pin-ball, and glittery happiness and sunshine. At least try the free demo at popcap.com. I think you'll really enjoy it. Be sure to play with the sound on. :)