happy on the first day

The first day of spring today means that the last day of winter happened yesterday. But that's not the only reason I feel cheery:

  • I slept well, despite my allergies.
  • A good writer read beautiful stories at school, and I got to hear them.
  • The fabulous people who take my creative writing class said fabulous things.
  • A nurse surprised me with pleasant news.
  • I ran into a delightful person on my walk home.
  • My mom has good advice.
  • Someone mailed me a letter—not just a coupon or a bill.
  • I sat in the sun and finished reading a book.
  • My cousin and her baby came on a walk to visit me.
  • I saw this; you wouldn't believe how important it made this English teacher feel:

Happy spring!


Annie said...

do we get to hear the pleasant news??

kathy said...

Normally, 'negative' is a bad word. Not at the doctor's office.

KG said...

We are excited for spring too! We should get together sometime.

Emily Horrocks said...

you need to update your blog!