does this bag make me a hippie?

This weekend, I needed to pick up some ingredients for dinner. I walked to the store because Christopher had the car—not because I thought of reducing carbon emissions. And I took my own shopping bag because I wanted a strap wide enough to carry on my shoulder—not because I was necessarily thinking of saving sea turtles from plastic shopping bags. It all seemed perfectly logical.

But when I whipped out my bag at the checkout counter, the person behind me in line chuckled and the cashier gave me a look—a look that said she wanted to call me a hippie. Considering some of the additional evidence against me, I can see how one might come to that conclusion:

I once attempted to create my own recipe for flax-seed cookies.
I really like vegan gummy bears.
I swear by my Birkenstock sandals.

I had never really thought of myself before as the tree-hugging type. But walking home on Saturday night—toting wheat flour and milk in my eco-friendly bag—I realized I just might be a hippie after all.


Jenny said...

I LOVE the bag, so much better than the reusable ones they sell at the stores. No, you aren't a hippie, just care a lot about you and your environment. I certainly don't want to be labeled as hippie, and here I am eating vegan and going green - because it's cheaper!

Love the vegan gummies too!

Deja said...

You oughtta move out here. People look at you weird if you DON'T bring your reusable bags.

Which, I don't.

So bravo, you.

David/Dad/Doc said...

No it doesn't make you a hippie. It just means you are a nice person with a healthy lifestyle. To be a hippie, you would have had to stop by somewhere on the way home to pick up your marijuana and you would need a headband and a tie dye t-shirt to go with those Birkenstocks. If you were really following the stereotype, you would have driven your VW bus to the store instead of walking. Maybe it is a generational thing, but to me, being a hippie was an excuse to be an immoral drug addict and to feel OK about it.

So, you asked, and there is my opinion.


Stella said...

Just remember: you live in PROVO - the most conservative, sheltered place in the entire USA. P-Town needs more people like you to spice things up a bit!

A. said...

I could see you as a hippie, maybe. But a hippie with great style. And so what if you want to save the planet? More power to you. Embrace it!

Anna and Stephen said...

When I was in the 4th grade, a did a history report on hippies. Ever since then, I have always wanted to be one. When I moved to Virginia, I got pretty close to being a bonefide hippie, because that's what happens when you live in the backhills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have secretly strived to be a hippie my whole life, and so I think you should be happy to be one. Except for what your dad brought up about the whole drug thing. That's never really occured to me. Now I may have to think my life goal of hippie-ness. Hmm.

But, all that being said- keep being awesome. Live the dream. :)

Emily Horrocks said...

lol this was a cute post.

I like the bag!!

Mike and Lauren said...

I used to want to be a hippie, and I have always wanted to be like you - so maybe there is a connection. I love you and all your potential hippiness.

Annie said...

you're so much better than i am! i have a trader joe's bag that hangs on the door knob, but i always forget to take it to the store. sometimes i just carry armfuls of groceries to assuage the guilt.

janel said...

Please share any effective flax-seed recipes...I bought a bigger bag than I realized last week!

A. said...

I miss you guys. Let's get together soon, please.