little things

My little brother's a good driver. He just got in a little car accident last week. And his car went a little airborne. And most of the tires got a little popped. And he felt a little lucky, because even though so little stood between him and major catastrophe, all injuries and damages were so little, relatively speaking.

I feel a little like that myself. I love my little brother and all the little things he does: wrestle my other little brother in the kitchen, and make little beat box noises, and offer to do anything for anyone. I'd do anything for that guy, too—even if it were something big.


Crystal said...

What a cute little post :)

PS My word verification was cownest. I am telling you b/c it put a very hilarious picture in my head and made me laugh - and thought you should too.

AixelA said...

speaking of airborne automobiles, next time you come visit me, maybe we should all go to the Sand Dunes...its amaaaazing.

Oh yah, this lil sis is turning 21 in less than a month; uh oh! lol

Mike and Lauren said...

I loved this. And I love him. I'm so happy that things went how they did and it wasn't worse. Hooray for big blessings.