The gods of good sleep mock me.

I thought I woke up inside a vacuum cleaner last night. I looked at the clock, it was 1am. A vacuum cleaner roared upstairs, in the room right above us. K woke and said, "Are you serious."

I went upstairs to talk to the guy. The vacuum was actually louder in our room than it was up here. The guy apologized quickly and turned off the vacuum.

I went back downstairs and lay down to sleep.
The floorboards kept creaking overhead. I think he would search for a creaky floorboard, and when he found one, he'd step all around it until all of the squeaks were out of it. I let him do this for about a half an hour.

Why did I wait so long? I thought it would end in just another minute. I thought I'd be able to sleep through it. I didn't want to be a bothersome neighbor.

I went back upstairs. I thought about going in my undies to make a greater impression, but I dressed first.

He apologized quickly. "Oh, is that loud?"

I went back downstairs and lay down to sleep. About a half-block away a car alarm went off.


janel said...

No way!! Just think of how exciting it will be to not live underneath single male college students someday soon!?! That's majorly lame. Let me know if I can intercede. I'll probably go fully clothed, though I agree that the undies may have made quite an impression.

C-|-W said...

Thanks. But intercession shouldn't be necessary. I'm sure it was a one-time only problem. The guys are usually really good.

Becca said...

We should have a story exchanging night, I think we'd all get a good laugh out of it. Maybe the girls upstairs from us take the cookies they make at 2 am. to your guys upstairs from you? :)

Doug and Angela said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you get better nights soon! How are you feeling future mama? I am so excited for you! Any belly yet?

Danielle said...

I feel for you!!! Our apartment was right under the piano, which had its own set of challenges. At least you guys aren't noisy back; once the police showed up at our house after someone heard one of Jacob's louder tantrums and called. Talk about a parenting low point.

Ashley mae said...

that car alarm woke me up too!

Bryson and Tara said...

How frustrating. Not being able to sleep is my biggest pet peeve.