Classical Music ROCKS

After reading about the ignored violinist, I decided to dedicate some of my time to show my appreciation for those who devote their lives to music. I made this:
It's sad that our system respects money over art. As Thomas Geoghegan of Harper's wrote:
"It's chilling to think that some young woman is putting down her viola and enrolling as a student trader even as I sip my Starbucks and listen to Vivaldi."


Nicholas James West said...

On my mission I used to headbang while listening to Beethoven's 9th and Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D.

My companions thought I was crazy.

You know what the stradivarius of bass guitars is? The 1970's Fender Jazz basses. There have been none better since.

C-|-W said...

What's weird is that the best violins were made by Stradivarius, and the best guitars by Stratocaster. Those names seem too similar for this to be a coincidence.

I think they were made by the same guy, who is probably the immortal god of rock.

k. double-u. said...

Just dropping by to look at your cool picture again.

David/Dad/Doc said...

There are several different angles to this post that just prove that smart people are more interesting. You're awesome Christopher.
(If your picture catches on, be careful though because you could be getting a call from Apple on copyright infringements because it could be mistaken for an Ipod ad!)

Danielle said...

This is true and sad. The first thing people inevitably asked when they found out I was a music major was, "What are you going to do with that?"