Kathy and I have injured our feet. Kathy likely has a lisfranc fracture, which was discovered by a doctor who worked for Napoleon's army. Napoleon's troops got it by hopping off their horses so they'd land with one foot on the ground, but the other still in the stirrup.

Kathy dismounted four cement stairs on our porch in the same manner, with her left foot still on the top and her right on the bottom. It was an icy January night. The speed of the dismount gave the tendon enough force to snap bone off of the foot.
If caught on time, the lisfranc fracture can be treated in six weeks. Unfortunately it is the most misdiagnosed foot fracture. Kathy's is no exception. It was a family member/doctor who gave the diagnosis, our local health center doctors are still guessing. We plan on telling them the diagnosis on Thursday.

I have plantar faciitis, which is like tennis elbow of the heel. I just need to take it easy for a while. I self-diagnosed myself with the help of google and wikipedia, which are faster, more patient, and perhaps more reliable than most doctors.


Jenny said...

How crazy that you both have some injury together. Almost comical really!

HeyOwl said...

So, if I had been in Napoleon's army... I totally would've slapped the horses on the butt every time their rider did that, so that it would take off and they'd be hopping along with one foot. I hate riders that do that. So freaking stupid. Hi Christopher and Kathy!