so much for world domination

When we started the Risk game on Sunday at 7pm, I was pretty sure I would win. My little blue pieces and I snatched up North and South America faster than you can say "imperialism." And we were strong.

I don't know what happened, though. By 11:30, I was cornered in Madagascar.

And when it really mattered, when everything was on the line, I rolled this:

While I sat at the table for another hour, watching yellow and pink duke it out without me, I got thinking that global domination just isn't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, if you spend your whole life controlling the world, amassing lots of little wooden blocks—or designer handbags, or plasma TVs, or whatever's your thing—it might all just end up in an unexpected, low-rolling letdown on the far edge of Africa. You never know.

Problem is, next Risk game—I'm in. And next time, I'm sure I'm gonna win.


David said...

My first post to your blog! Done in the middle of the night because my nose is running too much to sleep.

This reminds me. there is picture somewhere of a game we started but didn't end. Let's find it and finish it. I think it was about half and half with the countries, but Christopher had about a hundred armies in Siam.