Pretty much a doctor

My brother Nick quoted the classic Chris Farley: "lots of people go to school for seven years." "Yeah, they're called doctors."

I'm in my fourth year, but have probably two more coming. I'm going to school full-time over the summer to try to get done.

But I have this accomplished feeling. I'll have as much education as a doctor by the time I graduate.

I'm studying food.


Just Some Dude said...

So, I was watching "The Golden Girls" last night, and I heard the most brilliant line ever. Rose has a heart attack and is in the hospital. Everyone says that her brush with death has given them a new perspective on life. Sophia says, "I'm going to law school." Dorothy replies, "Ma. You're going to law school? You'll be 96 when you finish." Sophia says, "I'll be 96 anyway."

If you graduate in six years, six years will have passed anyway. None of us should have some benchmark of when life will start because it's all ambiguous anyway.