olive butter

I slather butter on my bread. It's a Finnish/American tradition. But today I decided to switch to olive oil.

Butter is solid at room temperature. It melts at about 90°F. This means it is more likely to form solid globules and clumps in your arteries, like the ones that killed Tim Russert.

I got the idea from Dolce Vita, the Italian restaurant that I endorse. Their appetizer was bread served with an olive oil and vinegar dip. I didn't have vinegar at my house, so I substituted grape juice, which is the same color, and lemon juice, which is about the same acidity. I then put a capful of olive oil on top, and dipped some of Kathy's homemade wheat bread in.

Mmm, delicious.

Our taste for fats and oils is acquired, so your preference can be changed in about eight weeks. I suggest the switch for your heart's sake.

The dip is a little messy, but a heart-attack more so.


Ryan said...

hello how are you?