All grown up

Yesterday, we threw a big bash for my grandpa, who turned old on his birthday this year. It's tough to pick a present for a guy who's been around for more than 8 decades, and has already received all the world war fighter plane paraphernalia ever made. I kind of copped out and returned something to him that he already gave me.

Two years ago, my grandpa co-signed on my student loan; last night, I gave him a copy of the letter from the bank, congratulating me for paying it off. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to him, but—regardless of the $ aspect—it was a big deal to me. My grandpa—who had always pinched my elbows, or stepped on my toes (affectionately?), or called me little—took me seriously and thought my education was worth it. Here's to you Grandpa, for helping me feel all grown up.