happy fall!

A week or so ago, I asked my class to brainstorm things they look forward to this coming fall. They came up with BYU football and the end of finals week. And for a minute, that was about it.

Pushing them to think about other possibilities (I mean, that's the point of brainstorming), I mentioned something I'm looking forward to: "What about scarves?" Scarves? They all kind of laughed like I was their crazy, nerdy English teacher. Which I am, thank you very much.

As soon as the weather gets colder in a few weeks, I will pull out my winter scarves. Yes, I've actually consciously and happily looked forward to it. And then yes, I will be the crazy, scarf-wearing English teacher my class believes me to be.


Emily said...

kathy! i love this post! i'm excited for jack-o-lanterns!

Genevieve Beck said...

I know what you mean since one of the main things I look forward to is sweaters. And squash. And leaves. And holidays. And birthdays. It is my favorite time of year.
I recall that as a student it was hard for me to just enjoy being in fall so I do understand, but if all you look forward to is the end of finals, you've missed the fall.
Then we can talk about what we're looking forward to about winter.

Annie said...

i love scarves! and in response to your comment on my post, you can't stop reading dooce because she's hilarious and a really good writer! when i found her blog, i got so sucked in that i read almost her entire archive.

Becktacular said...

I'll bet you are a brilliant teacher. I would LOVE to have a class from you. :)

I'm looking forward to decorating for holidays. :) How soon is too early for Halloween? :)