tell me your worst nightmare

Fat people frighten me. Not overweight people, not jiggly people; I can understand those. I'm talking about people who have not seen their feet for a decade—people who would weigh 100 pounds on the moon. I don't fear them out of prejudice or some other misguided pride; I'm afraid because I don't want to become one. I'll tell you my most recent nightmare:

I needed to dress up for an important event. I tried on outfit after outfit. And every time I donned a new outfit, I instantly gained 15 pounds or so, meaning I couldn't go back to any previous outfits I had liked because they no longer fit. I almost feel like this happens daily with the items in my closet. Christopher has to reassure me every couple of days that, indeed, I have not ever remotely approached the size of a tank.

Between my unexplainable hormonal imbalance, two inert semesters without consistent exercise, and the handful of M&Ms in my mouth right now, I have every right to be afraid. I think I'm going to go do some push-ups.


Genevieve Beck said...

Your dream is just too similar to real life for me to be a nightmare. My recent funny nightmare was I was in the car with Michael and giving him directions. I told him to turn right and he put his blinker on and was ready, but then he stopped and didn't turn right. I noticed other cars waiting and tried to prompt him to go, but he wouldn't. I really started to panic and I screamed for him to go. I felt we were stuck and that the car was closing in on us and it was so hard to get a breath of air. If he would just turn!
At that point, I woke up with a severely stuffy nose that was indeed making it difficult to breathe. It was just funny how that was interpreted in my subconcious.

Deja said...

Ouchie! What a terrible nightmare. I just moved all of my okay-these-really-don't-fit clothes to another closet, so yeah, I know what you mean. Poor Sam has to reassure me EVERY DAY, so Christopher should feel lucky to only have to do it every few days.

Genev, you should look up what cars mean in dreams on a dream dictionary ... very interesting business.